Landing the Career Track You Want*

Date/Time: Monday, September 11, 2023 - 7:00 AM – 8:30 AM
Track: Professional Development
Room: Franklin Hall 4 (4th Floor)
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Chair: Peter Todd, MD, PhD, FANA

Co-Chair: Sharon Lewis, MD

The goal of the session is to provide information to medical students, residents, and fellows as they get ready to move into fellow and faculty positions in different academic career tracks. We will have three speakers who will each provide insights into launching a career on their respective tracks (one Physician Scientist/primary reseracher, one primary clinician, and one clinician fellowship director and primary educator). Each speaker will give a brief presentation on their path to success and provide some advice from their personal journey and based on their experiences selecting fellows and new faculty. Then, all the speakers and the committee Chairs will join in a panel where we answer questions from the audience. The goal is for the event to be informal, to allow for people to get valuable career advice and make networking connections with others in academic neurology.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn what to expect during the fellowship and faculty application process for physician scientists and clinician educators. 
  • Understand how to negotiate for an academic neurology position. 
  • Discover advice on best approaches to apply to and obtain your ideal fellowship or faculty position.

On a Clinical Track to Neurology and Beyond

Speaker: Sharon Lewis, MD

During my talk, I will discuss my career as a general neurologist and neuromuscular specialist. In addition, I will share job opportunities and fulfillment beyond my clinical career. This session is designed to be interactive and therefore, after the presentation, there will be an open forum for questions and answers regarding the different career tracks in neurology. 

Pathway to Medical Educator and Administrator

Speaker: Erica A. Schuyler, MD, FANA, FAAN

Discussion of the pathways to success as a clinical educator faculty and as a medical education administrator, including residency, fellowship, and clerkship director.

Launching/Landing a career as a Physician Scientist

Speaker: Conrad C. Weihl, MD, PhD, FANA

Dr. Weihl will address common issues and considerations related to the investigator track. Emphasis on a basic, translational and clinical research career for physician-scientists will be discussed.