Psychosis in Parkinson's Disease*

Date/Time: Monday, September 11, 2023 - 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Track: Interactive Lunch Workshop
Room: Franklin Hall 13 (4th Floor)
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Chair: Daniel Weintraub, MD

The speakers will discuss the spectrum of clinical manifestations, underlying pharmacology and treatment of psychotic manifestations in the Lewy body spectrum disorders including Parkinson’s disease, Dementia with Lewy bodies as well as prodromal PD and DLB

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize early manifestations of psychosis across spectrum of LBD.
  • Council patients and care partners on the etiology of the symptoms and relationship to their LBD diseases.
  • Offer appropriate pharmacological and non-pharmacological management and monitor treatment effectiveness.

Pharmacological management of psychosis in LBD 

Speaker: Daniel Weintraub, MD

This presentation will review efficacy, safety and tolerability of antipsychotic medication use in Parkinson's disease, and how to balance them.

Parkinson's Disease Psychosis: Epidemiology and Presentation

Speaker: Ruth Schneider, MD 

We will review the presentation, prevalence, clinical associations, and diagnosis of psychosis in Parkinson's disease.