Andrea Harriott, MD, PhD

Massachusetts General Hospital

Andrea Harriott, MD PhD is a Neurologist at Massachusetts General Hospital and an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Harriott has dual subspecialty training in Vascular Neurology and Headache Medicine, completing two fellowships at Massachusetts General Hospital and The John R. Graham Headache Center. Dr. Harriott’s clinical research interests center on the association between migraine and vascular disease in young women. Dr. Harriott’s basic science research uses an optogenetic technique to elicit the electrical events responsible for migraine aura in rodents as a non-invasive model of episodic and chronic migraine aura to discover sex and gonadal hormone mechanisms of migraine pain and the role of the hypothalamus in mediating sex differences in migraine pathobiology. Her work is supported by a K08 from NINDS.


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