Early Career Development for International Graduates*

Date/Time: Monday, September 11, 2023 - 7:00 AM – 8:30 AM
Track: Professional Development
Room: Franklin Hall 3 (4th Floor)
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Chair: Jayant Acharya, MD, FANA

Co-Chair: Erica A. Schuyler, MD, FANA, FAAN

International medical graduates (IMGs) make up approximately a third of neurology trainees and active neurologists in the USA. They play a major role in providing greater access to health care for millions of patients, especially in underserved regions. With the current shortage of neurologists, which is projected to increase in the next few decades, and increased role for neurologists during the global health care crisis with the pandemic, there is an even greater need for IMG neurologists. In order to remain in the US after training, IMGs face numerous visa-related and other challenges that can limit their scope of practice and range of opportunities in academic medicine. Advocacy and legislation efforts to address immigration complexities, increased recruitment of IMG neurologists in academic departments and a systematic approach to reducing bias and supporting diversity are necessary. During this session, speakers will present the landscape, challenges, and opportunities for in-training and early-career IMGs for a successful academic career in neurology. Greater knowledge and understanding of these issues will also benefit department chairs and other institutional leaders, and encourage them to recruit qualified IMG faculty and provide appropriate counseling to their IMG trainees.

Learning Objectives:

  • Illustrate visa issues faced by IMG neurologists. 
  • Highlight challenges and opportunities for IMG neurologists pursuing academic careers.
  • Provide recruitment and counseling strategies for IMG neurologists.

The Glass Ceiling of J-1 Visas

Speaker: Abhimanyu Mahajan, MD, MHS

A quarter of all neurology residents in the US are on a visa. This presentation aims to highlight systemic issues faced by such trainees before, during and after training. It shares various pathways they can pursue to alleviate such issues that can limit their opportunities and scope of practice. It hopes that better understanding of such obstacles can help individuals and institutions work together to maximize their talent.   

Recruiting and counseling IMG neurologists: Chair’s perspective

Speaker: Brett Kissela, MD, MS, FANA

The Chair's Perspective on faculty hiring and career development for International Medical Graduates will be presented.

Opportunities for academic career development for IMG neurologists

Speaker: Imama Naqvi, MD

In this presentation we discuss opportunities that IMG Neurologists can avail to further career advancement as physician-scientists, early stage and later years. We also consider potential solutions to the additional roadblocks IMG Neurologists may face in Academia. 

The Role of Mentorship: Paying it Forward

Speaker: Neha Dangayach, MD

This talk will focus on identifying mentors throughout our careers and how to serve as mentors to IMGs. This talk will include concrete examples from the speaker’s own journey and provide tips on forging successful mentor-mentee relationships.